The Most Elementary Rental Car Insurance Tips You Cannot Miss

 When you step into the car rental counter when renting a car, you will always be asked if you want to buy insurance for the rental vehicle. Do you really have to buy this? Because if you do, it’s like paying for double car insurance; one for the vehicle you own and the other for the vehicle you plan to rent. So what do you really need to know about car rental insurance?

Simply put, rental car insurance is an optional insurance that you can use whenever you rent a car from any car rental company. This is usually included as an accessory in most car insurance policies and usually comes with you when you need to rent a car when your own car is serviced or repaired. This usually costs you a small amount each day until your own car is ready. One of its benefits is that it can reward you a little for your rental costs as well as your repair costs. It can also help you a lot when you have an accident while driving a rental car.

However, taking this optional protection may affect your current car insurance. When looking at most car insurance offers, most of them do not include rental car insurance as additional insurance. This means that these insurances do not include necessary rental car insurances such as damage or theft. However, as mentioned earlier, it can include a certain amount of car rental when your own car is repaired.

When deciding on this option, consider this before including it in your own car insurance coverage. If you include it in your car insurance coverage and you happen to rent a car due to repairs to your own car and manage to have a car accident using a rental car, you will end up consuming the benefits of your own car insurance. And if you plan to change the policy, you will have to pay more.

If your car insurance does not include rental car insurance and you want to be sure when renting a car, take your car insurance ID with you to the rental office and transfer your car insurance to the rental car. The office will handle this for you and you will not need to buy insurance for your vehicle from the counter.

Knowing what you can do before you walk into the rental car insurance company’s counter can save you money, but at the same time, you can be sure you’re insured. Remember, you don’t have to pay money for something you already have. Read and understand the terms and coverage of your car insurance and prepare for the days when you will need to rent a car.


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