So first things first, what is a classic car? There is no absolute definition for a classic car, and individual insurers vary in their attitudes to the definition. The guide considers the customs and turnover attitude to be relevant: If a car is over 20 years old and worth more than € 15,000, they consider it a "classic car".

Investing in older cars

We all know that prices can go up and down. Cars are one of our biggest investments and usually the one that diminishes in value as soon as you drive it out of the yard. However, this is not the case with classic cars. Chances are these are growing in value and looking for a cheap classic car or car insurance, this is an important thing to keep in mind. Check with insurers that you can change the value of your policy as needed. Also, make sure you have the agreed value when you first take the practice.

Compare cheap insurance

Cheap classic motor insurance is widely available in the market; Insurers recognize that owners of classic motor vehicles are likely to keep them well maintained while not using them every day - in most cases. The limited use of classic cars and the care of their owners tends to mean that classic car insurance costs can be cheaper than standard models. However, this varies from model to model and insurer to insurer, so always compare car insurance from as many providers as you can. Don’t rely on just one comparison site because they don’t always check the same insurers.

Changes to policies

Check the flexibility of the policy when comparing cheap car insurance. If your car is likely to have a limited mileage, ask your insurer if this can be changed. If you use the car more per year, make sure the insurer allows you to change the mileage if you get close to the estimates. This will ensure that you do not void the policy. Most classic car owners do not need to tell you that a car is safe. This is a way to reduce costs with a standard policy, but is even more important when looking for cheap car insurance. Any extra security that you can hold on your car when not in use will save you money on your practice.

Staying legal

As regulations change in relation to insured vehicles, it makes sense to consider declaring a vehicle serious for a year you don’t use it. DVLA and insurance companies are now able to compare their records, and government advice suggests that if you keep a car locked and insured for part of the year, it must be declared to avoid erroneous uninsured driver inquiries.

Lastly, cheap classic car or motor insurance quotes vary greatly from one provider to another, so always buy and make sure you have as many specialized providers as possible.


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