Don't Mess With Car Insurance: Avoid The Commotion

 In India, under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory that every vehicle driven on the road is insured. This car insurance is classified as third party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. Although third-party car insurance is required by law, buying comprehensive insurance is only on request.

What to consider before buying car insurance

It has been rightly said, "Never bother until trouble strikes you." But why bother when you can easily analyze your own needs and choose the right protection for your car?

1. Analyze your coverage

Understand and analyze your coverage. Make sure you cover your car adequately. We don’t recommend you to be inadequate, but paying high insurance premiums also doesn’t make sense. For example, third party car insurance is required by law. If your car is involved in an accident, the warranty is only guaranteed to a third party in the event of personal injury, permanent injury and accidental death. What happens to your car now? In this case, your property may be in danger in the event of a major accident. Therefore, taking out comprehensive insurance would now make sense to avoid high repair costs.

2. Go shopping

With the selection of insurance companies available, you can narrow your search to choose the right insurance for your needs. Some online insurance portals, such as, provide a good comparison for different insurers based on premium, cash insurance, claims ratio, and so on. Comparing car insurance will save you a lot of money as this requires less paperwork. You also get a wider range of products. So compare car insurance and give the trick to your wise decision.

3. To pay extra, choose add-ons

When you own a car, insuring it is the first step. However, wise protection with suitable additives is like a cherry on top of a cake. Insurance companies offer a variety of add-ons such as bumper to bumper, paid driver protection, engine protection, roadside assistance and passenger protection. In short, you pay a little extra to cover all your risks. However, check again which accessory is best for your car, and then choose one.

4. Free viewing period

The free look period is a period decided by the insurance companies during which you can decide whether or not to continue the insurance. If you are dissatisfied with the terms of the insurance or the services of the Insurer, you can cancel the insurance and request a full refund.

5. Ask for discounts

Why dare to ask for discounts if it can really help you save? You can earn good discounts on a good driver! The most expensive parts of a car, such as a gear lock, safety equipment, airbags, etc., can actually benefit the insurer as it reduces costs and thus rewards safe and responsible driving.

6. Keep an eye on the stated value of the insurance

Always remember the value of your car before buying insurance. The declared value of the insurance or IDV is the factor that determines the car insurance premium. Always make sure that the fee charged is correct, because the lower the IDV, the lower the fee would be. In the event of complete damage, make sure the IDV is correct. If it happens to be wrong then you will have to pay a huge amount for your savings. Therefore, always state the correct value of the car.


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